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Articles (English)

Haim Sandberg Three Dimensional Division and Registration of Title to Land - Legal Aspects in Registration of properties in strata International Workshop on 3D Cadastres - Proceeding 201 (P.J.M. van Oosterom J.E.Stoter & E.M.Fendel University of Technology in Delft Netherlands 2001)

Haim Sandberg Book Review: Ronen Shamir The Colonies of Law: Colonialism Zionism and Law in Early Mandate Palestine 22 The Journal of Israeli History 121 (2003)

Haim Sandberg Land Title Settlement in Jerusalem - Legal Aspects 23  The Journal of Israeli History 216-231 (2004)

Haim Sandberg Three-Dimensional Partition and Registration of Subsurface Space 37 Israel Law Review 119-167 (2004)

Haim Sandberg Where do Your Pennies Go? Disclosing Commissions for Charitable Fundraising 8(4) The International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law 4-20 (August 2006)

Haim Sandberg E-Land Conveyancing and Registration – Vision and Risks in Proceedings of FIG working week TS 2A – Land Tenure (Eilat 2009)

Haim Sandberg Legal Colonialism - Americanization of Legal Education in Israel 10(2) Global Jurist 1-24 (March 2010)

Haim Sandberg Real Estate E-Conveyancing: Vision and Risks 19 Information & Communications Technology Law 101-114 (2010)

Haim Sandberg Land Expropriations of Private Arab Land in Israel - An Empirical Analysis of the Regular Course of Business 43 Israel Law Review 590-610 (2010)

Haim Sandberg & Adam Hofri-Winogradow Arab Israeli Women's Renunciation of their Inheritance Shares – A Challenge for Israel's Courts 8.2 International Journal of Law in Context 253-267 (2012)

Haim Sandberg What Happens when the Judiciary Switches Roles with the Legislator? An Innovative Israeli Version of a Mixed Jurisdiction European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance 1-21 (2013). Available also at 15(3) Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal (2012)

Haim Sandberg Strategic Considerations behind Normative Explanations – Lessons From Israel's Supreme Court Takings Case 11 International Journal of Constitutional Law 751-770 (2013)

Haim Sandberg Normative Justifications v. Covert Strategic Considerations: a rejoinder to Barak Medina 11 International Journal of Constitutional Law 779-782 (2013).

Haim Sandberg The Politics of "Over-Victimization"- Palestinian Proprietary Claims in the Service of Political Goals 19 Israel Affairs 488-504 (2013)

Haim Sandberg From JNF to Viva Palestina – UK Policy towards Zionist and Palestinian Charities 22 Trust & Trustees 195-204 (2016)

Haim Sandberg & Haya Sandberg Dilemmas of Civil Tribunals in Formulating their Positions towards Religious Tribunals –The Case of Custody of Muslim Children 3 Journal of Law Religion and State 214-253 (2017.

Haim Sandberg Kinship and Commons: the Bedouin Experience in The Cambridge Handbook of Commons Research Innovations (Sheila Foster & Chrystie Swiney eds. CUP 2021)

Haim Sandberg, What Is Legal Innovation?, 2021 U. Ill. L. Rev. Online 63 (Mar. 17, 2021)

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